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Imagine having a single place where you can get everything you need to advance your career in Building Automation & Smart Industry.

Everything from podcasts to videos, news articles, jobs, leadership, careers, and more – all in one convenient location.

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SBA Podcast : Selling services for BAS

Each week Phil Zito – CEO of Smart Buildings Academy, tap into my vast experience in Building Automation and teach you the things no one else teaches.

Lessons That Advance Your Career

Our training paths feature a collection of handpicked online courses that are designed to build you towards performing the tasks required by your role. In less than 120 days you can be installing, designing, programming, or selling building automation systems.

Nexus Labs Smarter buildings without the fluff

Nexus Labs Podcast

Nexus Podcast, where we interview leaders in our industry

Nexus Live Broadcast: On Energy Management Software

How is the industry changing and where is it going? Which new technology products are hype and which are disruptive?

The Nexus Foundations Course

We’ll help you shortcut your learning curve and connect you with a global community of gamechangers.  

Automated Buildings

We provide the news and connection to the community of change agents that are creating our present definition of smart, intelligent, integrated, connected, green, and converged large buildings.

Control Trends

ControlTrends was created for the ControlPro that needs useful information, free training videos, and ideas on how to be more profitable and successful.

Beyond Buildings Podcast & Newsletter!

Since 1999 has been an on line magazine and web resource.

Additional Training for Enhancing Your Career

You Control the Future

The Engineering Mindset (Basics of HVAC & Electronics)

Career Development & Job Search Help

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We can CONFIDENTIALLY feature you as top talent to companies searching for your expertise.

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