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The Internet of Things (IoT)

What does a typical day look like?

It's 7 AM. Linda is woken by a mild sensory alert to her skin.
Grabbing her freshly brewed cappuccino, she steps into the shower, which is automatically set at the right water temperature.
Linda takes a yogurt from the fridge. It's automatically added to the shopping list.
She hops into her self-driving car where the onboard computer informs her of the day's meetings and reads her email aloud. She dictates responses.
Biometric authentication allows her into the building. As she nears her office, the computer lights up with a dashboard of key metrics. The temperature is automatically adjusted for optimal comfort and performance.
Her phone beeps. A drone is dropping off a package at home from her online order.
Linda’s husband, working from home, prepares dinner based on their fitness devices’ recommendations from the day’s assessment of their weight, pulse, heart & respiratory rates.
Helping their children with homework, they travel on an African safari via virtual reality. They can feel the sensation of petting a lion or feeling the giraffe's long tongue.
Evening fades. Voice commands turn off the lights.

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